Business Email Domains

The first thing a client often sees when dealing with a business is their email address. [email protected] is the format, but one simple mistake made by countless entrepreneurs daily can ruin a potential customer: using a public email domain!

It’s a simple idea: when someone sees your email address they typically look at the domain (the “” part) to see if there’s a website they can visit for more information. Thus, when a business card proudly shows something like [email protected] instead of [email protected] the assumption is made that no web presence is there and as such the entire company seems like it’s being run out of a two-bedroom apartment. Services like Gmail, Hotmail et al. are perfectly fine for personal use, but relying on them as a business contact is akin to using a beat-up rental car as an official company car: sure it might get you from point A to B and serve all the most basic functions, but it looks completely amateur in every other way!

Owning a website and a domain means one can quite easily set up a mail account that uses your site as the domain, allowing infinite “” addresses to be set up, even letting you use a public service such as Gmail while not showing any “@Gmail” kind of things at all. The first step to setting up a personalized and professional address is owning a domain (using something like, so once you’ve got one of your own, you can begin assembling the mail server for your domain according to your needs.

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